AEON MALL Ha Dong -english-

Inspire Knitting

A shopping center constructed in the Ha Dong area of Hanoi City, Vietnam, where urban development, economic growth, and population growth are remarkable.

From silk, which is a specialty product of the Ha Dong district, we set “Knitting Future, Weaving Future, Inspire Future” as a Grand Concept, and aimed to be a pioneer in creating the future by developing the regional economy with the people of Ha Dong district. “Change” such as change from cocoon to yarn, change from yarn to cloth, change by fusion with nature such as light and wind, etc. are incorporated into the design. 

Japanese  AEON MALL Ha Dong

Hanoi City,VIETNAM
Business type
Shopping center
Our works
Master plan, environmental design, basic design (SEMBA) Implementation design and partial area construction (SEMBA VIETNAM CO., LTD.)
Hiroyuki Oki
Opening date
November 2019